File Tracking System

RFID File Tracking Systems are designed to reduce employee time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace. Many businesses currently use basic methods to manage files, such as alphabetical filing, color-coded filing, or barcodes. RFID file management systems have become increasingly popular because they give employees enhanced visibility, while freeing up time previously spent on inventory counts or searching for lost documents.

How does RFID File Tracking Work?

When a file is created, it is given an RFID label tag encoded with a unique EPC number.

Using RFID file management software, or even a simple Excel document, the EPC number is associated with information about the file such as name, contents, etc.

When you need to find a specific file, just search the file by name or number in the software and input that unique EPC number into your RFID handheld reader. The handheld will then use its Geiger Counter-like functionality to find the file.

Additionally, fixed RFID readers and antennas are commonly used in file management solutions as well. Typically, these systems track chain-of-custody of files and documents.

Benefits Of RFID File Tracking System

RFID readers can be placed in certain locations throughout a facility to keep track of what item(s), passed through the locations; which direction the items are going in; and the date and time the items were transported. One of the most convenient locations for an RFID reader is in a door frame because it eliminates the need for the file room clerk to scan each individual record or manually check out records. This also allows any folders stacked together to be read all at once. The same process applies to reading folders and then boxing them for file relocations.

Proposed Hardware & Software

  • Handheld Reader
  • UHF Tags

The File Tracking Solution

  • Eliminates searches for files
  • Eliminates broadcast emails looking for files
  • Performs file room or desk audit quickly
  • Eliminates duplication of files
  • Improves productivity and reduces costs
  • Passively track files as staff walk around


  • UHF Antenna