Fleet Tracking System

Fleet Tracking System or a  transportation management system is software that facilitates interactions between an organization’s order management system and its warehouse management system or distribution centre (DC).

TMS products serve as the logistics management hub in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers and customers. Common TMS software modules include route planning and optimization, load optimization, execution, freight audit and payment, yard management, advanced shipping, order visibility and carrier management.

Whether you’re managing urgent documents, small parcels, home deliveries or controlled returns through to dangerous goods and bulk commodities, TMS has the experience to take freight from pick up to final delivery seamlessly.

With online product logistics and our transport management system, we have a product services manager dedicated to help you find transportation solutions every step of the way. we always looks to add value to your business by providing online shipping tools to fulfill your supply chain needs and everyday challenges.

The business value of a fully deployed TMS should achieve the following goals

  • Reduce costs through better route planning, load optimization, carrier mix and mode selection.
  • Improve accountability with visibility into the transportation chain.
  • Provide greater flexibility to make changes in delivery plans.
  • Complete key supply chain execution requirements.

Managing Your Fleet Operations & Managing Transportation for Others

Secureye Transportation management software – including shipment planning and execution, fleet or carrier dispatch. Its help you manage and grow your business by giving you complete visibility to costs and resources, automating routine processes and alerting you to exceptions before they turn into bigger problems. When you know your numbers, you can help your people manage to the right goals and help your customers understand the real value of the services you deliver. That’s how we see strength in numbers. Our solutions and dispatch software help you make better business decisions, both today and over the long-run. When your business changes—our systems can change with you—expanding, extending, optimizing and integrating. Choose a technology partner that can keep up with your company and help smooth out the business road ahead.

Asset-based, asset-light, non-asset, private fleet or for-hire, transportation service provider or transportation intermediary, LTL, intermodal, freight forwarder, truckload, broker and more – all share some needs for data connectivity and information exchange with customers, carriers, drivers, load boards, regulatory agencies, border crossings, financial and other business services. Secureye transportation management systems drive increased productivity and efficiency for all these business types and for businesses that span multiple categories.

Modules in Fleet Tracking System  or Transport Management software

  • Consignment Booking
  • Product delivery
  • Route and time optimization
  • Load-unload building
  • Fleet Supply Service
  • Fleet Hiring Process
  • Brokerage System
  • Business Report
  • Account receivable
  • GST Invoicing or Billing
  • Employee detail
  • Payable
  • Payroll
  • Driver Settlement
  • Inventory