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Best HD  CCTV Cameras in Hyderabad | Bangalore

Analogue HD  offers HD resolution without the need to fully replace the installation of cabling from previous analogue cameras. Existing systems can be upgraded by only replacing the DVR(Digital Video Recorder) and cameras making seamless and easy installation. The Analogue HD solution can future proof any existing system by being able to upgrade the system in phases by connecting a DVR, leaving the cameras to be upgraded as and when required.
The Analogue HD  system has revolutionized the CCTV  Cameras In Hyderabad, Bangalore industry, offering solutions to upgrade the existing systems utilizing previously installed coaxial cable normally used for analogue systems. This can cut costs of install and give greater variations while saving costs from installing a fully IP based system.
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The Analogue HD CCTV Cameras can offer a range of up to 500 meters high-quality transmission via coaxial cable from the recording equipment. Analog systems will very rarely be able to reach these distances and HD-SDI cameras are limited in terms of connectivity for long distance.Analogue HD supports remote setup and configuration, meaning control of the on-screen display and also PTZ cameras.
This means that there is no longer a need to make changes at the camera itself. The Analogue HD DVR from Hikvision is also known as a ‘Tribrid recorder’ making this able to connect to analogue, Turbo HD and IP cameras simultaneously.
This can be useful for organizing and bringing all cameras on a single site in-line onto one system. The turbo HD recording equipment consists of many variants, including memory size and a number of channels.
Cameras are available in 720P/1080P and come in many different types including dome, bullet, Anti-Vandal, and PTZ. This makes up a range that is suitable for every type of environment.CCTV Camera Dealers in Hyderabad, Bangalore.

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