Mirror TV

Highly reflective optical mirror glass screen with built-in smart TV

A TV that looks like a mirror; when the Magic Mirror TV is switched on, the enhanced HD quality images magically appear through the glass surface. When switched off, the Mirror Screen TV surface reverts back to a decorative mirror.

Mirror TV / PC screens, also known as Smart Mirrors or Magic Mirrors, have a unique optical glass surface (lens) that enhances the picture quality of the LCD / LED panel.

To create this special TV that looks like a mirror, cutting-edge ‘Reflections’ technology is used to transform the Magic Mirror into a TV screen that displays images magically through the optical mirror TV glass. When the display device is switched off, the Mirror Screen TV surface reverts back to a normal mirror.

Mirror TV – Luxury at It’s Best. Aero Mirror TV has the Ability to Turn a Normal Mirror into a TV.

AERO is the pioneer and the only manufacturer of Mirror TV / Waterproof TV or Bathroom TV in India. In addition, our products are extremely adaptable to any and all applications and of all design objectives.
Moreover, AERO also provide exclusive after Sale’s Service with remarkable accuracy and appeal. We also make our solution’s look it as it belongs to your ambience, rather than an addition to it.

It is our speciality and we also, work towards giving you this pleasing and completely practical luxury application. Now watch your favourite show, while you get dressed with 4K resolution UHD Waterproof TV or Bathroom Tv and Mirror TV. Certainly, when we switch Off the Mirror TV it’s the normal reflective mirror. And when we switch On the Mirror TV it’s a 4K resolution UHD TV. Therefore, it’s the best way to hide your TV.

In conclusion, Aero Mirror TV bridge’s the gap between design excellence and customers’ vision of functionality. And also, at the same time allowing the television to be hidden, artfully in plain sight.