Guard Tour System

The Guard Tour System or the Guad Monitoring System or the Guard Patrol System are one and the same.The Guard Tour/Patrol System utilizes RFID technology making it extremely robust and very easy to use. The rugged construction of the Baton means that it is a durable device for use in most environmental conditions. The Software package that compliments the Guard Tour/Patrol System is uncomplicated in its application and provides a complete working solution for all aspects of Security Guard patrolling. This system can be used as a security feature to protect patrolling guards in vulnerable locations or to check that guards are doing their security patrols by ensuring that they reach particular areas at specific times. The advantages of this system could also be used for other applications including Asset Management and for generating maintenance and inspection records for service Engineers.


  • Security Patrol
  • Police/Military Patrol
  • Building Guard Patrol
  • Community Guard Patrol
  • Equipment Inspection Record
  • Maintenance Inspections Record