Biometric Time Attendance System

Biometric Time and  Attendance Systems

Haritha Technologies is a leading provider of biometric time and attendance systems in Hyderabad. We supply leading brands of hardware and software solutions for ESSL biometrics in hyderabad fingerprint scanners, palm scanner, zkteco Biometrics in HYderabad, vein scanners, iris scanners, facial recognition and voice recognition, as well as offering our own solutions across attendance management and middleware integration solutions.

We deal in ESSL biometric and access control systems,Secureye  biometric and access control systems, Mutlidoor access control systems with biometrics. Honeywell, HID access control systems

Since 2001, Haritha Technologies have helped over 800+ clients across the country implement quality biometric time and attendance systems solutions, and sold over 600,00+ biometric units.

With over 15 years track record in working with our our clients on developing and implementing biometrics solutions, Haritha Technologies have a strong specialist team and we are committed to serving you.

We have installed 250 biometric attendance readers And zkteco Biometrics in HYderabad in each medical college.We have developed a complete campus management information system with biometrics in which all modules are covered for more information you can click our campus management page.

Our biometric systems and smart card software guaranteed to meet your biometric time and attendance systems requirements either it is organisation or a educational institution.

Our Biometric and smart card technology allows your employees or students to quickly clock in and out, with the time and attendance software accurately recording attendances.

The inbuilt report generator makes it simple to get both real-time and archived information, and hosts a range of output styles to suit your company’s requirements.

Our unique position within the time and attendance industry enables us to uniquely customise our systems to your requirements and budget, from large, complex, multi-site systems to smaller systems for local businesses.

ESSL biometrics in Hyderabad

Contact us today to find out how our Biometric Time and Attendance Systems can enable your business or institution to run more effectively, providing greater productivity and a reduction in manual overheads.ESSL  biometric attendance system in Hyderabad. ESSL Access Control systems in Hyderabad.

We are the largest distributor of ESSL biometric attendance machines  in Hyderabad,ESSL X990 in Hyderabad ,Secureye Biometrics in Hyderabad,ESSL K30 in Hyderabad.

ESSL X990 in Hyderabad


Identix K30 in Hyderabad
ESSL K30 Pro  in Hyderabad
essl face reader 302 in Hyderabad
essl face reader 302 in Hyderabad

Contact Naveen /Neha : 8885672299

Secureye  biometrics in Hyderabad

We deal with Secureye biometrics in Hyderabad,SB-250 CB Biometrics in Hyderabad ,SB -50  Biometrics in Hyderabad,SB 75C  in Hyderabad.

Secureye SB 50 P
Secureye SB 50 CB in Hyderabad
Secureye SB 250 CB
Secureye SB 250 CB in Hyderabad
Secureye Face reader fb4K

Contact Naveen /Neha : 8885672299

Timewatch  biometrics in Hyderabad

We are the largest suppliers of  timewatch biometrics Bio1 in Hyderabad, Bio3 in Hyderabad, ATF 395

Timewatch bio1 in Hyderabad
Timewatch Bio 3 in Hyderabad
ATF 305 Face reader in Hyderabad