Biometric Finger Print

Biometric Finger print Recognition overview

Biometric Finger print Recognition Perhaps the most popular form of biometric technology is fingerprint scanning. Capturing multiple reference points of the fingerprint through the biometric scanner, an algorithm is then used to convert this image into a code which effectively becomes a digital form of you. This is stored on a database for comparison which grants authentication into the secured area.

Haritha Technologies deals with wide range of quality USB and Biometric finger print scanners. With Biometric fingerprint scanner solutions covering optical, capacitance and multi spectral readers, in both desktop and OEM versions, we provide the complete range of hardware with supporting desktop software, SDKs and middleware solutions for easy integration. We also provide development services to help you integrate biometric authentication into applications and electronic solutions.We deal with all leading brands of Biometric attendnace systems.

We provide a range of desktop solutions for smaller businesses, single wall mounted solutions to complete enterprise solutions. Whether you have a large or small workforce from 1 to 30,000 employees, we have a biometric time clock solution for your needs.

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