RFID Jewellery Management

RFID Jewellery Management

Jewellery is one of the most valuable assets that people possess. A jewellery company faces a tremendous task of maintaining, and accounting for tens of thousands of jewellery items in a single store. Most of the jewellers track inventory on daily or weekly basis. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling of each jewellery item separately, and is therefore, very time consuming and prone to errors. This type of inventory tracking may lead to misplacement, loss or even theft. In a premium business such as this, even a small error or loss can be significantly expensive. Huge amounts can be lost due to inefficient and slow inventory tracking.

Laptops offer employees instant access to product information and plans, customer lists and sales contracts – essentially all the tools required to run a business.

Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of employee laptops given the sensitive nature of information contained on many of them

This reality combined with the fact that laptops are moved around more frequently today due to the nature of current business that requires more employee travel, make laptops a critical asset that need to be tracked.

Issues faced by Jewellery Company or retailers

  • Tracking and monitoring of precious jewellery items, boxes or pouches is difficult.
  • Since many jewellery displays are set up daily and then stored in safes in the evenings, there is ample opportunity for Threat of theft or loss of product. Weak security
  • Time consuming inventory checking.
  • Huge requirement of manual power.
  • Difficult to manage information related to the Jewellery items.
  • Secureye’s RFID Jewellery Management Solution is designed to meet the unique requirements of jewelry retail outlets. It helps in tracking & authenticating assets besides managing the distribution, sales and flow of jewellery.
  • The RFID solution automates the data-capture during inventorying, stock reconciliation, stock furnishing and replenishment which in turn improve business efficiency, safety and operational optimization. Our solution includes theft detection.
  • Secureye’s solution seamlessly integrates with your existing legacy system and billing software resulting in quicker implementation and results. Our solution saves time, efforts and costs in managing the store.

How the Technology Works

To top our offering in RFID Jewellery Tracking & Management, we use Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) that enhances security capabilities. All RFID tags affixed to jewellery are deactivated manually by the authorized personnel at the billing counter. A highly capable RFID readers placed at the entrance/exit gate will alert the staff through an alarm if the affixed tag is still active – implying that it wasn’t billed and is an instance of theft.

Handheld reader is used to identify the item by just sweeping the reader over the items without removing the item. As reader finds the item it was searching, it starts blinking giving an indication that item has been located

Our Jewellery Management System is designed to manage the tracking, distribution, sales and flow of the jewellery items from production across distribution to retail. It facilitates automatic and multiple item identification, accounting, stock taking and sales that improve business efficiency, item security and operational accuracy. The tags are used to identify the at shelves, identifying on PDA with sales tool, stock taking without human identification dependence and billing at POS machines.

Benefits of RFID in Jewellery Management

  • Our unique system with combines RFID Solution with EAS which helps customer to review the product rather than just watching the jewellery which enhances their experience
  • Integrated solution with inbuilt billing and EAS
  • 100% accurate inventory
  • Monitor jewellery movement on continuous basis.
  • Track and trace all Jewellery
  • Missing items can be easily searched even from a densely stocked store
  • Eliminate manual input and reduce human error
  • Standalone framework capable of being integrated into any billing system
  • Illegal removal of any item can be detected using our advanced EAS system
  • Inventory check process can be automated at store
  • Reduces loss of efforts and time; employees can instead focus on more sales time and customer experience

Proposed Hardware & Software

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