Bollards in Hyderabad – Safety Bollards

Bollards in Hyderabad , one of the most innovative and practical ways to add security to areas where pedestrians and vehicles converge is with the use of security bollards. Designed to be practical and visible as well as add security to protect Schools, parks,  and parking lots from unauthorised entry and pedestrian/vehicle collisions, bollards are used across the country in a variety of controlled access zones.

Types of Bollards:-

Securing your parking lot or controlled access zone with our quality bollards is a great way to add safety to your location. At Haritha , we carry a range of parking lot safety products that can be adapted to the shape, size and needs of drivers in your parking lot or zone. Choose from useful and innovative equipment, such as:

  • Manual retractable bollards
  • Automatic retractable bollards
  • Locking removable bollards
  • Fixed surface-mounted bollards
  • Lighted bollards — removable and fixed

    Bollards in Hyderabad
    Bollards in Hyderabad

Our team here at Haritha Technologies  has been building our reputation as a leading distributor of security bollards and other  safety products. We can add safety and security to your pedestrian zone and help guarantee a positive and reassuring experience for your patrons and the general public.We deal with all types of Bollards in Hyderabad.

Our High Security Bollards have all been  impact tested and are designed to provide a high level of security.  They are hostile vehicle mitigation solutions that protect roadways or perimeters from a vehicle with hostile intent whilst still enabling pedestrians free movement.

Static (passive) bollards provide a fixed or removable solution for public areas.

Automated active bollards , used to control vehicle access.

Bollards are ideal for areas where public perceptions and aesthetics are a consideration but a high level of security is also required.  Shopping malls, stadiums, airports, sporting areas, public spaces and city centres are sectors that would consider impact rated static and automated bollards as a security solution.We are leading suppliers of Bollards in Hyderabad.


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