Boom Barriers in Bangalore

Boom barriers in Bangalore

An increase in number of footfalls in these types of buildings, combined with an increasing number of the buildings themselves, has created global demand for automatic boom barriers.We provide the best  boom barrier prices  in Bangalore

Boom barriers are used to control the movement of vehicles in and out of places like business parks, residential buildings, shopping malls, etc.We deal in all leading brands of Boom Barriers in Bangalore.

Boom Barriers with UHF RFID readers 

Boom Barriers with RFID

The powered barriers can be controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), which is programmed to suit any access control requirements.We are the No 1 dealers in Automatic Boom Barriers in Bangalore
Boom arm lengths can span up to 6m, dependent upon the  requirement.We are leading providers of Automatic  Boom barriers in Bangalore.Automatic Boom Barrier Manufacturers in Bangalore if required for customisation.

RFID Boom Barrier Installation in Apartment Township                                                        Boom Barrier in Indus International School


Automatic boom barrier (4mts-6mts retrachable Arm)

  • Maximum Boom Length up to 6mtr (With Retraceable Feature)
  • Aluminium Boom in 75/80mm OD
  • Opening Time –(4-6 Second)
  • Power Supply 230V
  • Motor Capacity 240W
  • With IP55 protection grade
  • Daily Cycle Suggested 1500 Nos
Boom Size≥ 6Mtr or up to 6Mtr
Net Weight60KG
Open Time1 ~ 6 sec
MotorElectro Mechanical
Voltage220v ±10%
ControllerMicroprocessor Based
Motor Load120w
BodyWeather Proof
Other AccessoriesOperating Switch & Boom Stand / Remote
InterfaceRS 485 / TCP/IP
Boom Motion ControlBy Balanced Spring System
Remote Distance≤ 30mtr
OptionalAccess Control System, RF Reader, RS 485 to RS 232 Convertor, Photo Cell

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The design is the result of years of experience, combining the latest technology with proven, tried and tested methods. The result is a superior product, giving long service life and peace of mind.People searching Automatic Gates or Boom Barriers  in Bangalore can call us immediately.

RFID  Boom Barrier Installation for Apartments in Bangalore .Boom Barriers with RFID Students attendance Management in Bangalore. Whether your application is residential or commercial, our boom barrier range has the ultimate flexibility to suit any need.

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