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World’s #1
Interactive Sensor

Cybernetyx EyeRIS® is the highest-selling interactive vision technology in the world today reaching over 15M users.
Inspired by workings of the human eye, EyeRIS® technology converts any flat surface such as a projection wall or LED screen into a full-fledged multitouch display via a portable camera sensor unit using powerful image processing and hand-tracking algorithms.


Interactivity, On Demand.

Want to put your point across better to your students or your team? Turn any flatscreen TV, cubicle wall, whiteboard, or glass tabletop flawlessly “interactive” in no time with EyeRIS IX. It turns any flat surface into a giant tablet so you can interact with all your computer applications on a life-size surface sans a mouse or keyboard. Why should you purchase a interactive white board when EyeRIS can turn your existing whiteboard to interactive white board?

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Spark Panel

Get innovative in classrooms with this giant tablet! An interactive LED-panel, powered by a small computer and einsOS, has a 65” Ultra HD built-in display. The high resolution of the screen ensures intellectual clarity amongst students.

Galileo One

Elevate Learning Outcomes with Perceptual AI

Galileo One is a clip-on, wireless interactive device that can turn any flat panel or display into a full-blown touch-interactive display with the help of 3-D Dual Band Optical Movement Detection Technology and make any classroom smart. Its intuitive user interface allows instructors to share their expertise seamlessly using different content sources and makes it easier for learners to grasp the presented ideas.


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Quriosity Panels 


4K UHD IWB Display Platform & Sensor A


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Go PRO & Power Your Projector


EyeRIS Pro is an advanced surface-independent wireless touch interactive teaching device. It can convert any flat surface such as a wall or dry-erase whiteboard into Touch enabled Digital Whiteboard. With a superior smartphone-like gesture-touch experience, it supports interactivity up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

AirMind Panel

Ideate. Create. Collaborate

AirMind Panel is an interactive collaboration touch panel that was designed from ground-up to meet your modern meeting room requirements. The 65” Ultra HD 4k display with gives you the speed, accuracy, and precision touch for a seamless MultiTouch experience.Airmind Panel in Hyderabad contact us 8885592771.

Interactive Display Panel

AirMind Panel has the ability to double up as a meeting room computer. With in-built award winning EyeRIS interactive sensor technology, this panel gives you the speed, accuracy and precision during any meeting.

AirMind Thinker

Convert any display panel into a GIANT Tablet

The leader of all corporate collaboration tools out there, AirMind Thinker – is complete with an in-built computer, seamless-touch interactivity, camera for Video Conferencing, a host of apps and a microphone. It can transform any display panel into an interactive touch screen – like a giant tablet.


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Seamless Video Conferencing Solution

Equipped with a high resolution camera and microphone, you will be a part of meetings happening anywhere in the world. Video conference with anyone, anytime, anywhere with AirMind Thinker as it’s compatible compatible with any device.Contact 8885592771


Business room conferencing in Hyderabad

Thinker View AI-Enabled Collaboration Camera
for Modern Work Spaces

Bring Remote Team Closer

Harness the power of enterprise level video conferencing on any standard display or panel with Thinker View that enables HD Video Collaboration and brings remote teams closer. Integrated with powerful hardware and built-in AI sensors, Thinker View makes sure each participant in the huddle space is seen and heard well.

Integrated Design

Integrated with 1080p Camera and Quad MEMS beamforming microphone array, Thinker View has an ultra-sleek unibody design built that’s easy to integrate in any setup and instantly elevates the meeting room’s aesthetic appeal.


Thinker View is compatible with all the major collaboration tools like Zoom, Google Hangout, Slack, and Microsoft Teams so that in-house and remote team remain connected any time. Thinker View has all the tools needed to deliver a streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing for every meeting size.

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