Maxhub Interactive Flat Panels in Bengaluru

Maxhub Interactive Flat Panels in Bengaluru


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MAXHUB Conference Flat Panel in Bengaluru


Maxhub Ultimate Series in Bengaluru

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MAXHUB S Series in Bengaluru


Maxhub E Series Interactive Flat Panel

Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution with an immersive 20-point touch screen, the MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panel delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for 21st century classrooms and board rooms. With Instant whiteboard and lesson delivery softwares make classes / conference highly efficient.

This 65” interactive flat panel lets multiple users write or draw on the screen with their fingers and styluses.

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MAXHUB X3 Conference Flat Panel

MAXHUB X3 Conference Flat Panel is an innovative efficient office equipment with writing, presentation, and collaboration functions. Through breaking the barriers of conventional meetings and cooperation, MAXHUB X3 makes your work efficient and collaborative by wirelessly connecting multi-terminals and multi-person.


Ultra-large, Ultra-thin and Ultra-HD create extraordinary vision – 88.9% screen-to-body ratio, 4K ultra-HD Display, 19mm ultra-thin appearance

  • Thin and extraordinary appearance
    Highly integrated triple cameras design, six array microphones, and three sets of speakers, with a 19mm thin and flat appearance, making your work space neat and superior.
  • 88.9% Screen-to-body ratio provides your broader horizon
    4K Ultra-large interactive screen, 88.9% screen-to-body ratio, direct bonding technology, and anti-glare technology present your clear image and broad horizon.

Intelligent writing frees your imagination – 0.04s Rapid Response Time, 1024 Levels Pressure Sensitivity, 0.5mm Touch Accuracy, Smart Graphics Assistant

  • Screen Writing is superior to paper writing
    Projected capacitive and EMR combined touch technology creates 0.04s response time and brings your fluent and instantaneous writing experience. 1024 levels pressure sensitivity offers pixel-perfect precision and unmatched versatility.
  • Free annotation records your inspiration
    Annotation is available at any interface to record your inspiration. When playing PPT, your annotation can be individually created in every page and easily saved.
  • Smart assistant writing makes your work easier.
    Dual-pen and Dual-color writing, matched with innovative graphic intelligent recognation technology, table insertion and smart gesture control, simplifies your work
  • Convenient saving and sharing the meeting records
    Conference documents and records can be easily stored and shared by email and reedited next time as well.

Multi-screen interaction eliminates the cable limitation – 0.09s Wireless Share Response Time, Synchronous Sharing with Mobile Device, Control Back Devices through MAXHUB 4-split Screen Mirorring

  • Touch and Share, synchronous mirroring can be done through mobile devices
    Free multi-terminals connection can be achieved on PC or mobile device with wireless mirroring and related software, supporting up to 4 devices mirroring simultaneously and providing you clear comparison of presentation.
  • Real time mirroring presents fluently and stably
    0.09s transmission time is unlikely to be noticed by the naked eye. The presentation of HD pictures and videos can still be clear and fluent.
  • Double-directional operation creates flecible and efficient interaction
    With MAXHUB wireless sharing, you can operate PC reversely with MAXHUB conference flat panel, or use mobile devices directly operate MAXHUB to write, annotate, present, etc.

Ultra-big screen with remote collaboration leads to a boundless office – 12-MP Smart Triple Camera, 8m Voice Picking-up, Screen Sharing, Remote Mirroring, Real Time Writing

Integrated and light assembly
Built-in camera, voice picking-up, and speaker modules

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