Mobile Phone Jammers

Our range of mobile phone jammers sometimes known as phone blockers or phone breakers are made to exact specifications as detailed below. Jammers do not work outside of the given frequency parameters so therefore will not interfere with anything other than mobile phones and devices using mobile phone technology for transmission. The mobile phone jammers are very robust and fitted inside high quality aluminum housing. If you require the prevention of mobile phones in an area of say 12×12 feet then you could use one of the small hand held mobile phone jammers which will easily block mobile phones and prevent the reception of calls,messages,Wifi and Bluetooth Technologies to all phones within the room. The phone jammers are very safe as they transmit less power that that transmitted by many mobile phones.

The high powered mobile phone jammers can be used in larger rooms or halls where there may be more area to cover or the area to be covered is very close to a mobile phone mast. The nearer the mast the higher the power required to jam the mobile phones and block the communications. Mobile phone jammers are sometimes used to block the communications of IEDs in military or VIP convoys where there is a threat. Jamming range shown is totaly dependant on the signal level from the cellphone tower at the mobile phones you are trying to Jam. A high signal level from the tower can reduce the Jammer operating range considerably and can be down to as little as 1m in certain circumstances.