Campus Management

Campus Management Information System

Haritha Technologies felt an immense need for Comprehensive Management Software for Medical college Management  and started development of a system, we being interactive with lot of Medical colleges were able to develop a solution named as Campus Management Information System CMIS
Haritha Technologies has come up with innovative interdisciplinary software to learning, and philosophy to manage human resources and physical assets in educational institutions. While the use of Biometric/RFID (Radio-frequency identification) in educational institutions is not widespread at this time; the integration of the Biometric/RFID tags with the existing institutions Management Systems will make these institutions more efficient in their monitoring functions.

This CMIS (Campus Management Information System) software presents a concept to improve upon the processes in the institution/ university environment using Biometric/RFID technology. A system is implemented for the automation of time and attendance using Biometric Readers with RFID. Using the recorded information, this system is capable of
(1) Marking attendance
(2) Marking unauthorized entry
(3) Probation analysis
(4) Attendance weight age calculations
(5) Submission of warnings via emails
(6) SMS to parents to keep them updated about their child’s progress in the institute
(7) Library management
(8) Fee structure and the details
(9) Examination dates and the results
(10)Hostel and Canteen management.

The entire processing is done without human intervention. The system is comprehensive, effective and efficient, thus can help in automating the students’ administration.

The following are modules in CMIS

➤User Management
➤Student Attendance Management
➤Staff Attendance Management
➤Non-Teaching Staff Attendance Management
➤Leave Management
➤Performance Management
➤Visitor Management
➤SMS Management
➤Hostel Management
➤Fees Management
➤Payroll Management

Benefits from CMIS include:-
High Efficiency.
Reduced Operational Cost.
Easy operational management.
Automated day to day transactions.
Reduced manpower, time cost.
Secured storage of data.
Informative & Interactive.
Integrity, trust & bonding.
Increased awareness of systems.
Absolute knowledge base for future wealth.

Our Major Clients who are currently using our software are

Mamata Medical College, Khammam.
Narayana Medical College,Nellore.
ASRAM Medical College ,Eluru.
NRI Academy of Sciences,Guntur.
NRI Institute of Medical Sciences,Vishakapatnam.

Mamata Dental College,Khammam.
Mamata Nursing College,Khammam.
Narayana Dental College,Nellore.
Narayana Nursing College,Nellore.