RFID Inventory Management

RFID inventory Management helps track the movement of assets through the manufacturing and supply chain process. Our bundles come equipped with the hardware and software required to properly manage your inventory in real-time with minimal or no human involvement

Using RFID tagging for stock control offers several advantages

  • Tags can be read remotely, often at a distance of several meters
  • Several tags can be read at once, enabling an entire pallet-load of products to be checked simultaneously
  • Tags can be given unique identification codes, so that individual products can be tracked
  • Certain types of tag can be overwritten, enabling information about items to be updated, eg when they are moved from one part of a factory to another

Software Features

  • Automated Inventory counts
  • Merchandise replenishment
  • Product mix validation
  • Price markdown
  • Item tagging
  • Reduce out of stocks
  • Automate inventory counts
  • Ensure the right product mix
  • Gives full inventory history
  • Allows reduced inventory-stocking levels
  • Provides higher-level security
  • Reduces errors
  • Reduces overall cost of operations

RFID Inventory Management

Proposed Hardware & Software

  • UHF Reader
  • UHF Card Dispenser
  • UHF Handheld Reader
  • UHF Controller