Parking Management System

Parking Management System Hyderabad
Parking Management System Hyderabad

Parking Management System is designed to identify and manage vehicle in parking areas, gated communities, commercial complexes, secure building complexes, tolls, container depots etc. It contains the elements needed to deploy a RFID parking management solution . A windshield tag (RFID) is stuck on the windscreen of the vehicle and on approach to the gate the UHF reader picks up the id from range of more than 10 meters for validation, On local validation, the controller sends the signal to the Boom Barrier to open and the complete transaction is recorded. MIS report can be generated. Optional feature to connect camera to capture photo / number plate can also be added. It can also support alarm / hooter Advantage:The solution provides an easy means for the handsfree,long-distance, unique vehicle identification to allow secure entry and exit to areas preventing unauthorized access and supports single or multiple entry/exit points

Benefits of RFID in Vehicle Tracking & Parking Lot Management System

  • Automatic hands free access control into and out of parking lot increases customer safety and security.
  • Automatic & fast processing of parking fees based on different category and/or level of users.
  • With automatic vehicle identification can dramatically increase security and prevent loss of luxury vehicles. Initiates an alarm when a car “disappears” from inventory.
  • Elimination of staffing at entry and exit points.
  • Cost effective to locate a PC at each entry point where an RFID reader and the gate control mechanism are located.
  • System is flexible to allow a human interference, if necessary, to be able to accommodate unusual events such as when the non-tagged vehicles enter.
  • Gives automatic notification when a car enters or leaves the lot.
  • Real time parking status updates.
  • Helps to manage defined space parking.
  • Improved service levels and increases capacity in the parking lot.
  • Access control system management
  • Tag reader device configuration
  • Multiple payment modes (e.g. Cash, card etc.)
  • Multiple entry lane

Proposed Hardware & Software

  • UHF Reader
  • Network IP Controller
  • Windshield Tag
  • Boom Barrier
  • Ticket Vending Machine

Car Parking Management System

  • Stack Parking
  • Hydraulic Puzzle Parking
  • Mechanical Puzzle Parking
  • Vertical Rotating Parking
  • Automobile Elevator Parking
  • Horizontal Car Parking
  • Tower Parking



Stack  Parking System

Puzzle Parking System


Vertical Rotary parking system
Tower Parking System

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