Personnel Indoor Tracking System

Indoor tracking denotes the localization of persons and objects within buildings. This indoor localization is thus a technical challenge because GPS does not work reliably within interior spaces.The indoor tracking of persons can make sense in several situations. On the one hand, it plays a major role regarding safety, i.e. for patients in high-risk categories and for the evacuation of employees from large company premises. On the other, it helps with the optimization of work processes, e.g. when a sales employee needs to be found at an extensive trade show stand or when optimizing walking routes is the goal.

By utilizing the built-in magnetic sensor within a smartphone, we are able to detect accurately pinpoint and track a assets and people in buildings in real time.

Some Unique Features Of Smart Apartment

If your business environment is a large building, a yard, a mine or other sizable area, you want to be sure that your workforce can be tracked and located, especially when worker safety, security, and accountability are at the top of the list. Personnel locating is the solution for your organization.

How do Personnel Locating promote safety?

Personnel who operate in challenging and extreme work environments are provided tags that enable the logging of their movements from one zone to another. This allows you to track and pinpoint their exact location and provide immediate response and protection, particularly in emergency situations where safety is a concern.

How do Personnel Locating promote safety?

  • 1 – Get Alerts When People Enter Prohibited Zones
  • 2 Improve Safety
  • 3 Track Workplace Time & Attendance
  • 4 Increase Efficiency by Monitoring Actual Time on Job Site

How do Personnel Locating provide security?

Access to certain zones in your work environment can be controlled and assigned to visitors, staff, and contractors based on security level. This protects your business, personnel, and intellectual property from unexpected security issues.

Here are some common questions Personnel Locating can answer for businesses

  • We need a way to give access to zones to only some of our personnel
  • We need a solution that helps us identify and locate patients on our hospital floor
  • We are looking for technology that can help with muster drills
  • We’re looking for an evacuation monitoring solution
  • We need to track our personnel in real-time
  • Is there a way to automate the logging of employee start and end times for payroll?

Proposed Hardware & Software

  • Smart Band
  • Smart Reader
  • Software

How do Personnel Locating encourage accountability?

Personnel time and attendance can be automatically logged and exported into detailed reports. This reduces costly payroll errors while increasing employee transparency and productivity.

Personnel locating using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the answer to these problems that you and thousands of businesses face each year.