How to Start With Us

We make the process of “starting with us” as straight-forward and as efficient as possible. The first step is made by you: your organization identifies a potential issue. Then everything you need to do is to contact us and to provide us with the information regarding your particular needs and challenges, for instance, a statement of the issue and the approximate timing requirements.

Based on this information, we will prepare and present to you a detailed proposal outlining some of the options and processes we would recommend you including the approximate timeline that would be required to complete the work and an initial estimate of professional fees based on our knowledge of the issues at that time.

Following your approval of the project, we officially begin the process with a kick-off meeting in which the details are discussed including the timeline schedule and final fees. Once this meeting is complete, the project officially begins.

Please feel free to contact us for any discussion regarding your requirements or any queries about us. Choose the mode of communication at your choice and your convenience.

More detailed information is presented in the following sections :