Quality Initiatives

Haritha Technologies is committed to quality, with our senior management team personally encouraging quality consciousness at all levels Haritha Technologies has an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System. Outstanding quality has always been part of the culture at Haritha Technologies that has consistently enabled us to meet customer needs and often surpassexpectations. We have instilled excellence within our organisation, applying scientifically proven methodologies to all processes via stringent quality assurance and control measures. This has resulted in a confidence from our customers that their project quality will never be compromised.

Haritha Technologies believes that as an organisation we have a commitment to provide the necessary encouragement, motivation and training for all employees to enable them to learn continuously, adapt to new ideas, have pride in their work and enjoy what they do. All activities are controlled and documented in accordance with the best international standards and practices.

Haritha Technologies has embedded several best-of-breed quality practices and quality related procedures into the organisational culture, including:

➤ peer reviews (code reviews, design reviews)
➤ “test-first” development approach
➤ regular project review meetings, status meetings
➤ annual process audits and continuous improvement
➤ quantitative measurement of process effectivness
➤ independent QA team

Overall, our Quality Management has led to one of our proudest achievements – an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction throughout all of our projects.