Security Policy

We understand that information security is a key point to successful cooperation between companies.
Since our establishment a range of special security policies have been defined and must be followed by employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries and other workers at Haritha Technologies. Effective security is a team effort involving the participation and support of every Haritha Technologies employee and affiliate who deals with our information and/or our information systems.

Business Continuity
When performing remote software development, it is vital that organisations follow the established procedures for supporting business continuity. Haritha Technologies has adopted a set of measures and practices to ensure that your outsourcing project runs risk free.

➤Haritha Technologies offers modern office premises, protected by access control systems, fire alarm and intrusion alert.
➤Our company is open for customer audits insuring the desired transparency of operations.
➤Haritha Technologies maintains all the necessary continuity plans and actions to support steady and reliable operations. We utilise the latest fault tolerance and prevention tools and antivirus control. All data is backed up on a weekly basis and is stored securely.

IPR Protection
Haritha Technologies India strictly adheres to international laws on Intellectual Property Rights Protection.
➤We do not disclose, sell or transfer your information to any third party under any circumstances. All information remains confidential and is stored encrypted in our main office data storage.
➤Confidentiality of information is legally secured by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This is a mandatory part of our project approach. Furthermore, an NDA may be specifically re-designed to suit your particular needs.
➤Each employee must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and is asked to review and acknowledge this agreement annually. We also screen all employees for criminal background, civil action, any discrepancies in their resume, experience, education and references.
➤Our clients identities and privacy are known only to the authorised persons as designated by the client.
Feel free to contact us for additional information about security issues.