How We Work

Process Overview

Haritha Technologies realises that it’s impossible to have a unified approach to every outsourcing project. Large projects must have a higher level of process maturity and internal complexity compared with smaller ones which can have limited formal processes and yet still be very successful.

However it is crucial that all projects be thoroughly controlled at each phase to avoid project failure.

Haritha Technologies is a truly customer oriented company, aiming to be as flexible and transparent as possible to our clients. We understand that it is much easier to work with a software development outsourcing vendor that can accommodate the processes of the client, rather than demanding the client complies with the processes of the development vendor.

Alternatively our clients can benefit from a Haritha Technologies established RUP-based process framework which comprises a defined and institutionalised set of practices that are utilised in every project in some form. Our practices include:

  • An established communication channel between Haritha Technologies and the client with defined points of contact
  • Assigning business analysts to convert customers needs into software development specifications
  • Ensuring an up-to-date project plan is always available with internal milestones defined (MS Project)
  • Ensuring an up-to-date risks and issues log is always available with mitigation strategies defined
  • An established cycle of Change Requests (CRs) and defects processing (Rational Clear Quest)
  • Confirming that the customer is aware about the current quality level (embedded CQ reporting, remote access to issues repository, additional QA reports)
  • Usage of version control system (CVS, VSS, Rational Clear Case)

For all of our clients, we have consistently contributed to the identification and implementation of IT solutions that have clear and sustainable business benefits.

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