HR Management Software

Our HR Management Software allows you to save, update and analyse employee records Our HR Management Software is available as a stand-alone product or can be fully integrated with our Time and Attendance software. Its primary role is to increase efficiency, minimise the risk of error and reduce administration time through its user-friendly and fully secure functionality. With HR Management Software, all your employee data, files and correspondence are centrally stored, making the filing and retrieving of vital information quick and easy to manage, in addition to reducing the risk of error. The stored information can be used to run reports on past and present data, such as training and development requirements.

HR Management Software greatly reduces time spend on data-input, filling out forms and dealing with employee queries. Your employees can directly view their annual leave entitlements and requests for leave can be approved or queried automatically. Employee reviews and recruitment processes can be monitored and recorded on the system. With our software you will have a user-friendly and affordable system that will save you time and money and ensure you are in compliance with all relevant employee legislation.

Key Benefits

  • Integrated holiday planning, sick leave and leave management with special calculations for holiday/sick pay
  • Tracking and actioning of disciplinary procedures
  • Supports statutory maternity, paternity and adoption rules
  • Fully expandable to cater for future change, bulk change and mass updates
  • Security function allows user-restrictions; ‘read-only’ or ‘read & edit’ Recording of future training requirements and existing qualifications
  • Integral diary facility automatically populates Microsoft Outlook Task Manager

Key Features

  • Integrated holiday planning and leave management
  • User can configure the system with additional screens and fields
  • Supports Statutory Maternity, Paternity and Adoption rules
  • Fully expandable to cater for future change including bulk changes of employees and mass updates to employee data
  • Report generation and letter writing with mail merge integrated into the system
  • Reports, letters and documents can be displayed on screen, printed and emailed
  • Diary facility allows users to set pop-up reminders
  • Special calculations can be made for sick/holiday pay
  • All historical data can be viewed, by screen or by field
  • Changes can be backdated, current or future and can be viewed/modified prior to implementation
  • Point in time analysis allows information to be viewed for making comparisons
  • Security function allows restrictions on users, some can read only, others can read and edit
  • New optional recruitment module to track candidates through the recruitment process
  • Training and qualifications records facility both for storing existing qualifications and for planning future training needs
  • Disciplinary procedures can be tracked and actioned
  • Facility to attach any digital file (e.g. .pdf, .doc, .tif, .jpg) to the system, allowing managers to keep track of all staff records and communications