RFID Library Management

RFID Library Management: New technologies have always been of interest for libraries, both for the potential of increasing the quality of service and for improving efficiency of operations. At present libraries of all kinds whether public, research or special libraries are overwhelmingly looking forward to adopt new technologies due to its potential for cost savings in the operations and the management of books and patrons. One such technology which is gaining tremendous popularity among the various libraries is RFID technology since it revolutionizes the way a library operates.

Parking Management System

Parking Management System is designed to identify and manage vehicle in parking areas, gated communities, commercial complexes, secure building complexes, tolls, container depots etc. It contains the elements needed to deploy a RFID parking management solution – A windshield tag (RFID) is stuck on the windscreen of the vehicle and on approach to the gate the UHF reader picks up the id from range of more than 10 meters for validation, On local validation, the controller sends the signal to the Boom Barrier to open and the complete transaction is recorded. MIS report can be generated. Optional feature to connect camera to capture photo / number plate can also be added.

Visitor Management Software

Visitor management system is main application for processing visitors, including ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, watch list screening, check-in and check-out, email notifications among other features. Tech Smart offers complete integration with hardware products to provide a all-inclusive solutions. This integration is the USP and added advantage that separates Tech Smart from other competition.

RFID Inventory Management

RFID inventory Management helps track the movement of assets through the manufacturing and supply chain process. Our bundles come equipped with the hardware and software required to properly manage your inventory in real-time with minimal or no human involvement

Queue Management System

Queue management system that best integrates appointment and walk-in customer queues. It manages your dynamically changing waiting lines to ensure disciplined and guided customer experience.

Turnkey solution to manage customer flow a complete system that caters to diverse queuing needs from a basic queuing system to a sophisticated, multi branch, multi-region enterprise solutions. Our queue management system allows customers and visitors to enter a queue by taking a ticket via different channels such as Self Service Ticketing Kiosk, Web Ticketing, Mobile App and Online Appointment

Smart Apartment ERP

Smart Apartment ERP is an cloud based solution for the end-to-end Apartment Complexes (Commercial & Housing Societies). It is a common platform for the Management, Residents, Staff & Visitor, who can see only the information that they need. Through automation & timely information, Smart Apartment helps reduce time, effort & manual errors, leading to lowering the overall costs of managing the complex. The housing societies have some basic requirement like maintaining database of tenants, raising monthly maintenance bills, managing expenses, tracking vendors and their quotations.

Fleet Tracking System

Fleet Tracking System or a  transportation management system is software that facilitates interactions between an organization’s order management system and its warehouse management system or distribution centre (DC).

TMS products serve as the logistics management hub in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers and customers. Common TMS software modules include route planning and optimization, load optimization, execution, freight audit and payment, yard management, advanced shipping, order visibility and carrier management.

RFID Jewellery Management

Jewellery is one of the most valuable assets that people possess. A jewellery company faces a tremendous task of maintaining, and accounting for tens of thousands of jewellery items in a single store. Most of the jewellers track inventory on daily or weekly basis. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling of each jewellery item separately, and is therefore, very time consuming and prone to errors. This type of inventory tracking may lead to misplacement, loss or even theft.

RFID Asset Tracking

Haritha Technologies provides complete Asset tracking  and Inventory Solutions to include software, hardware, supplies, service, and support based on the needs of your business.

Haritha Technologies works with large corporations and mid-size businesses that need systems in place to track and manage critical assets from the office, in the field, warehouse or distribution center, and throughout the entire supply chain process.

RFID Laptop Asset Tracking

RFID Laptop Tracking  : Laptops are an important tool and a common fixture in virtually every company these days. As a result laptops end up with all kinds of business critical and even confidential information.

Laptops offer employees instant access to product information and plans, customer lists and sales contracts – essentially all the tools required to run a business.

File Tracking System

RFID File Tracking Systems are designed to reduce employee time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace. Many businesses currently use basic methods to manage files, such as alphabetical filing, color-coded filing, or barcodes. RFID file management systems have become increasingly popular because they give employees enhanced visibility, while freeing up time previously spent on inventory counts or searching for lost documents.

Food Court Management

Food court Management  is fully featured food service solution specially designed for cafeterias and food courts that is contiguous with the counters of various food vendors and provides a common area for self-serve dining. Our configurable solutions offer ideal ways to introduce “cashless” food service programs into your organization. Replacing cash across your food service operations is a cost effective way to increase sales, reduce operational costs and improve cash flow whilst offering your customers a greater convenience and security

Canteen Management System

Canteen Management System Many organizations provide Canteen as an additional subsidized facility to their employees as a welfare measure. The usage of the canteen by the employees depends on many factors like centralized food distribution center with swift and simplicity in operations.

Secureye CMS design provides a user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operations to cover larger section of employees within a specified time.

Smart Hotel Management

Smart Hotel Management:- The Smart  Hotel Management solution lets you easily manage room availability, inventory, and personnel data. Moreover, if your business empire spans across multiple geo and hotels, you can now get a centralized single view of occupancy, revenue per available room and other supply-demand metrics that dictate the performance of your hotel with Pragmatic’s all in one solution.