Panasonic Home Automation in Hyderabad

Anchor introduces the highly secured home automation systems which includes sensors, touch panels etc that gives high security to your home.

Anchor Home Automation is powered by Panasonic

What with the many appliances everyone has at home today, more people are opting for a home automation system. By automating your home, you can save electricity, remotely monitor and control your appliances, and make your home safer for your disabled or elderly family members.

Anchor Present Comprehensive, state-of-the-art home automation products that will help you do just that – sensors that can detect smoke and gas leaks and pressure levels in addition to movement, switches, actuators, remote controllable switchboards, and more.

Now no more worrying about your appliances when you go on a vacation; the anchor smart home automation system will alert you if you’ve forgotten to switch off anything, and you can remotely control them through the smart switchboard. All you need to do is download the app on your Smartphone, or track it over the net on your computer.

Electrical short circuit started a fire? No problem! Anchor’s sensors will detect the smoke and immediately send you alerts so you can take action and keep your home safe. Integrate your home security system with Anchor’s home automation system and conduct remote surveillance of your home whenever you’re away.

Do your aged parents or grandparents live alone? They may often forget to switch the lights on and off when required. They could trip and fall when they get up for a drink of water at night – prevent accidents by installing  motion sensors from Anchor.

Automate your home today to enjoy big savings on your electricity bills, and make your home safer for yourself and your family. Choose from Anchor’s wide range of affordable products for home automation in India, and enjoy peace of mind!

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